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School Improvement Advice and Guidance

Through Prospects Improve we offer bespoke consultancy, educational products, training courses / events; we also work with schools in preparation for their Ofsted inspection. We provide support which improves learning outcomes, skills, raises attainment and to enhance the lives of children and young people. Our skills and experience reflects a deep commitment and understanding of different schools' needs.

We understand that no two schools are the same, although many of the issues and concerns currently facing those working in the education sector resonate locally and nationally. Our team works closely with schools to build long term relationships. These relationships encourage sustainable improvements in the quality of education thereby meeting the needs and aspirations of staff, pupils, governors and other stakeholders.

We have an excellent track record of providing high quality school improvement services, having worked with 1,200 schools in all phases of education, and supported consortia and clusters of schools across the UK. In order to deliver a quality service, we work with an expert team of experienced and skilled consultants who have undertaken a range of work in supporting schools and academies improve.

It is our expert team who develop an array of school improvement products including Prospectus (primary school curriculum), self-evaluation form (SEF) packages and booster lessons.

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What people say

"Our staff and Governors have worked with Prospect Education for many years and we have always received the highest quality of support. Our pedagogy and thinking has been deeply challenged. The result of this has been that we have acquired new tools and strategies to make our school even better. "
Yvonne James, Headteacher, Selly Oak Nursery School, Birmingham.

"We have worked regularly with Prospects using them for reviews and for leadership advice. Their help has been invaluable: open and forthright, but always supportively given."
Doug Brawley, Headteacher, Copnor Primary School, Portsmouth.