british values programme

British Values Programme

Prospects Improve’s British Values programme has been designed to develop pupils’ personal and social development, through a ‘Pick n Mix’ of creative teaching options. The aim is to provide teachers with lesson ideas that actively engage with young minds, and to help pupils develop the confidence, creativity and awareness that prepare them for life in modern Britain.

From the Roman Empire to the famous ‘Keep Calm’ campaign, this programme enables teachers and pupils to explore key British values, with exciting activities that inspire discussions around equality, freedom and fairness.

Each year group has a series of teaching options around a creative theme, all of which cover four universal strands that are core to British values: respect and the law, democracy, self worth and character building and making a positive contribution on a local or national scale. Described by teachers as “extremely creative and engaging”, the programme has strong meaningful links with the new national curriculum. All themes come with an overview, which explains how the modules tie into each of the foundation subjects.

Themes include ‘Law and Order,’ ‘Democracy,’ ‘Long Live the Queen’ and ‘Enlightenment from around the world.’

All themes come with a range of imaginative homework projects, which pupils can complete independently or with their families. These supplementary projects

The programme also comes with a reading list, which provides a guide for teachers on both fiction and non-fiction materials to use in class or as part of extended

The British Values programme offers schools the opportunity to be creative in providing high-quality learning experiences for children. There are 84 teaching options to choose from, giving schools the freedom to personalise the delivery of this programme to meet the needs of their pupils and their locality.

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