Curriculum development

Curriculum Development

The Prospects Improve Primary Curriculum, Prospectus, has been designed to fulfil all of the statutory requirements of the new national curriculum. The aim is to provide teachers with extra time to plan their lessons and ensure the ultimate impact on pupils in order to raise attainment levels.

All Prospectus themes are written by teachers in schools that have been ‘hand-picked’ as schools that have an ‘Ofsted-approved’ reputation of providing an outstanding, rich and innovative curriculum. It is this relationship that has ensured Prospectus is embedded in high-quality practice and meets the needs of both teachers and pupils in a constantly evolving world.

At the heart of Prospectus you will find exciting, high-quality learning experiences for children, which we hope will not only inspire but will also fully engage, motivate and excite both teachers and pupils.

Prospectus offers schools the opportunity to be both creative and thematic in its delivery. There are 33 ‘themes’ available for schools to ‘pick and choose’ from – providing schools with the freedom to personalise and design the curriculum to meet the needs of their children and locality.

Each year group can choose from six different themes focused mainly around a key area of History or Geography but including meaningful links to all foundation subjects.

The development of English, Maths and Science skills across a range of subjects is at the heart of the new curriculum. Although English, Maths and Science can still be taught discretely, Prospectus encourages and provides rich opportunities for cross-curricular writing, scientific exploration and applied numeracy skills. Resources such as the Maths and English ‘Quests’ provide clear, meaningful links between these core areas of learning and the topic theme – enabling schools to contextualise learning in these key areas whilst the ‘Skills Routeways’ help schools plan for progression and provide age appropriate guidance from Year 1 to Year 6.

Prospects recognise the importance of getting back to basics and letting teachers do what they do best – teach! So, unlike the majority of published curriculum material available on the market, Prospectus provides schools with long, medium and short term planning in the form of theme overviews, session planners and individual lesson plans, enabling teachers to spend their time focusing on personalising the learning for their own children.

British Values Programme

In response to the changes to the Common Inspection Framework, where education providers must actively promote British Values, we have launched a creative British Values programme packed with a ‘Pick n Mix’ of modules to develop your pupils’ personal and social development. It will help teachers and pupils explore important British values through practical activities, which encourage discussions around equality, fairness and freedom.
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Pupil Leadership and Character Development Framework

In addition, Prospects Improve has developed the Pupil Leadership and Character Development Framework so schools can audit their practice, identify areas of improvement, and implement strategies to develop students’ personal skills and wellbeing. The framework will help schools develop students’ personal qualities and the values they need as global citizens in the 21st century. The framework will be available to schools this autumn, and a framework award will be launched in spring 2016.

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"You can always rely on Prospects for quality and this new curriculum resource is ‘first class’. It is an amazing resource to be used across the school from Years 1-6."
Deanery CE Primary School (Academy Status), Birmingham.