Quality in Careers Standard


Quality in Careers Standard

Prospects is a Licensed Awarding Body, authorised to act on behalf of the Quality in Careers Standard Consortium to assess and accredit schools, colleges and work-based learning organisations against the ©Quality in Careers Standard.

Formerly known as the Prospects Quality Award in CEIAG, the award was previously nationally validated by the Quality in Careers Standard having met fully all sixteen of the QiCS national validation criteria. The Prospects Quality Award was previously known as the Black Country Quality Award (BCQA) focussing geographically in the Black Country (from 1994). The “Black Country” name was discarded in spring 2012 to reflect the national availability of the award.

The Quality in Careers Standard awarded under licence by Prospects, is designed to accredit good practice and encourage development in schools, academies, colleges, special schools and PRUs / short stay schools.

The Government recommends that all schools should work towards a quality standard for careers education, information, advice and guidance as an effective means of carrying out a self-review and evaluation of the school’s programme. Achievement of the Quality in Careers Standard (QiCS) will lead to better careers and guidance programmes because it will help institutions continuously improve their careers work. Working towards QiCS gives CEIAG a higher profile and increases the involvement of senior managers and, especially governors.

Holding the Quality in Careers Standard demonstrates to those outside the institution (for example OfSTED) that a high standard has been reached.

As the largest provider of careers information, advice and guidance in the UK, Prospects is well placed to offer the Quality in Careers Standard under licence in all areas of the country, including Northern Ireland. We encourage careers leaders who want to demonstrate the quality and value of their CEIAG provision to get in touch and find out more about Quality in Careers Standard.

For more information: www.prospectsqualityaward.co.uk


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